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Beauty Boutique is a stockist of Eve Taylor Skincare and OPI so that you can continue you beauty regime at home!

Eve Taylor Face Masque (50ml) Soothing, Balancing or Purifying. Feed your face with hydration and nourishment. £11.00
Eve Taylor Cleansers (200ml) Soothing, Balancing or Purifying. Cleanse your skin to perfection. £15.00 cleanser
Eve Taylor Moisturisers (200ml) Soothing, Balancing or Purifying. Saturate the skin with moisture £15.00 mousitureiser
Eve Taylor Toners (200ml) Soothing, Balancing or Purifying. Spritz, hydrate and quench the skins thirst. £13.00 toner
Eve Taylor Exfoliating Scrub (100ml) Scrub & renew. £11.00
Eve Taylor Age Resist Day Cream (50ml) Advanced Skincare. £15.00 daycream
Eve Taylor Age Resist Night Cream (50ml) Advanced Skincare. £13.00 nighhhttt cre
Eve Taylor Age Resist Active Complex (50ml) Advanced Skincare. £20.00 AG active complex
Eve Taylor Eye Make-up Remover (100ml) £11.00
Eve Taylor Solar Shield SPF 25 (50ml) Shield, preserve & prevent. £12.00
Eve Taylor Time line Intensive Moisturiser (50ml) Advanced Skincare. £23.00 time line
Eve Taylor C+ Bright Moisturiser (50ml) Advanced Skincare. £23.00 c+bright
Eve Taylor Lip Balm- Shield, preserve & prevent. £6.00  lip balm new
Eve Taylor Face Treatment Oils (1-5) revitalising, soothing, problem, calming, clearing or balancing.- Aromatic serums – £12.00
Eve Taylor Candles- Armowax: Creating the ultimate luxury – £13.00
Eve Taylor Body Wash (200ml) Create a spa at home. £7.00
Eve Taylor Relaxing Bath Aromatherapy Oil (200ml). Balancing, Stimulating or Relaxing. Create a spa at home.  £7.00 armo bath oil
Eve Taylor Starter Kits (4 x50ml). Skin care kit containing cleanser, toner, eye gel and moisturiser. Available in Balancing, Soothing, Ultra soothing  or Purifying.  £18.00

Eve Taylor Mens Skincare

Eve Taylor Men’s Face Scrub (100ml) £11.00 face scrub men
Eve Taylor Mens Face Wash (100ml) £11.00 face wash men
Eve Taylor Men’s Shave Gel (30ml) £11.00 shave gel men
Eve Taylor Men’s Face Balm (100ml) £11.00 face blam men
Eve Taylor Men’s Shave Foam (150ml) £12.00 mens EV Shave foam
Eve Taylor Men’s Shave Oil (30ml) £10.00 shave oil
Eve Taylor Men’s Shaving Kits £37.00 mens shave kit

OPI Product


OPI Nail Envy Strengthener £15.00 nail envy
OPI Gel Break £25.00
OPI Avojuice £10.00  AVO
Stephanie is a proud member of The Guild of Beauty Therapists